6 inch fool

by Tshaka Campbell

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released March 24, 2015





Tshaka Campbell UK

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Track Name: 6 inch fool
Nah Don't don't
Claim different now
change yourself now
Ain't no rebranding up in here

You can’t just

The statute of limitation
has been packed
in moving boxes
and donated to charity
F no
Not now
Not again
Your smile
Dun broke too many bones
and one’s that was just on the mend
from some other damsel in distress
been in traction for a minute
been commissary for
your incarcerated tongue
for too many years

I escaped you
unshackled the first time
took me too long
to hate you comfortable
like this
I’m in a good place

you and your
Graveyard mouth
Dug too many eulogies
too many things
laid too many
tombstones on this fool
Crumbled and
Swallowed like
2 Haiti’s with Indonesia
On stand by
And I will not be swayed
By your miss you’s
I wasn’t me
There's a few reasons why you
at my doorbell proves that lighting can strike twice or thrice

1. The last person i loved that hard that actually never really knew me was my grandmother and she died the day I was born
2 if I had a nickel for every time you said you love me I'd be a millionaire
3. If I had Nickel every time you meant it I'd owe you money
4. I searched our conversations for months to understand where I missed the remnants of all the headless men you've Stuffed into your duvet
5. Your lucky number was 666
6. I wonder what the click
In your head felt like
When you realized your power over me
7. Get the fuck out
8. Again
9. Your spirit Is a dust ridden
blanket covering furniture
In a abandoned Mansion
10. Leave
11. To you relationships are a competitor sport
12. Please leave

You did warn me
told me
“Don't fall in love
with a person like me”
strange then coming from your
piccasso’d lips
make sense now tho

but I didn’t listen
thought I was what you needed
figured God had
a hand in something so beautiful
this thing here
must be of scripture
sculpted in angel flesh

musta been the way
you walked in then
only confidence begot by pain
can strut that well in 6 inch heels
the way your calf thickened
with each step
running marathons
up your thighs
skin bronzed
Sashaying around
flinging all that deceit
in every direction
so easy-like
like you got sum thin
hidden in your woman
that men been sent on
missions to conquer

who knew
you’d walk out the same way

Ghetto Cleopatra
The wind flirting with your
weave as you closed the door behind you

didn’t matter none
that an army of misery was
crawling out my eyes
when you left

I wasn’t the man
You thought I was

I said
Ain’t no man that

“but I could try”

made me
push all my daddy’s manhood
back down my throat
in that moment

thought for a sect
that later
I’d deny I ever said it
I’d damn well deny
the whole thing
Tell em “she was whipped y’all
I dun gave her the A d_ck
And she was

truth be told
I had earthquake in my
legs and belly
from the newness of us
day one
and then day 532
same richter-scale burning
through me
from the fear
of the oldness of us

but enough of that
reminisce shit….
I ain't picking up
Something from the floor
that already been stepped on
I am passed you
have passed you
and no longer carry you
in my serial numbers

so go’ on
with that
go back to the
man you left me
for the last time
and the time
before that
I ran outta
fu_ks to give
ain't no beautiful
worth that much ugly